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Business Line Types

PSTN business lines, PDQ card machine lines, alarm lines, multilines, ISDN2, ISDN30


Business phone line types

  • PSTN
  • Multi line
  • Feature lines
  • Payphone lines
  • PDQ/credit card lines
  • Redcare Alarm lines
  • ISDN2
  • ISDN30


PSTN - standard business telephone line
Standard single business lines are very common and nearly all businesses have one or more of these lines. As well as making and receiving calls these lines are often used for alarm lines, PDQ machines, fax lines, and for broadband.

Business MultiLines
A standard business phone line can easily be converted to a multi line giving you the ability to make 2 or 3 calls at the same time.

Feature lines
When you need to be able to transfer calls between phones most business opt for a telephone system, however feature lines can often provide what you need without the need to invest. A lot of companies have feature lines that don't need to transfer calls, we can still transfer these lines and covert them to a normal business line with much cheaper line rental.

We can now apply discounts to payphones without you needing to change your existing phone or equipment.

PDQ/Credit card lines
Most machines that connect to your telephone lines use standard business lines.

Redcare alarm lines
Its is very common for a business to have a phone line that is connected to the alarm, these are often used to gain an immediate police response. Redcare alarms send a heart beat pulse down the line so even if someone cut the telephone line it would still notify the police/ADT control centre.

ISDN 2 lines are digital lines that are connected to your business phone system. ISDN 2 lines are in pairs so you have to have an even number.

ISDN 30 lines are similar to ISDN2 they are also connected to a phone system, the biggest difference is that they can support up to 30 channels/lines on each circuit.