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BT Lines

Big discounts on your business telephone bill without any changes


Discounts on BT business line rental

Line Type

BT Retail Rate

UK Wholesale Rate



£13.99 (63.9 % discount)

ISDN2  (per channel)


£13.99 (63.8 % discount)

ISDN30 (per channel)
£13.99 (60.6 % discount)

BT Network - compatible with all equipment that says it requires a BT line

Most companies have BT Telephone lines at their businesses and often have done for many years. UK Wholesale don't take this line away or switch it to our own Network. We buy the services from BT Wholesale and pass the discounts on to your business. The only real difference is that BT Retail also called BT Business don't print your telephone bill or look after your account anymore, you also don't have to deal with overseas call centres as your customer service is looked after by UK Wholesale Direct with our customer service centres which are based solely in the UK. Faults are still repaired by Openreach as normal, when you report a fault to us we will divert your calls to another number or mobile whilst you are waiting for the Openreach to attend.

Businesses that take advantage of our discounted line rental still have a line on the BT network, it just means that they don't pay the retail cost. The discounts on line rental vary depending on the line type but for a typical business it is a saving of several hundred pounds.

You may be aware that certain equipment within your business requires a BT line, with UK Wholesale this will continue to work as normal.