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Cheap calls to mobiles

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FREE Calls to mobile phones from your business landlines

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There are 5 major mobile networks in the UK, so you may be surprised to see your calls provider advertising a rate to "the 4 mobile networks", this is often because they are hiding a rate to one of the networks.

With UK Wholesale you can be confident that a call to a mobile is 8p, it does not matter if this is to 3 mobile, o2, Vodafone, Orange, or T-Mobile.

The vast majority of businesses find that they are paying between 9-18p for mobiles plus one network charged at around 25p. Given that your business is likely not to check they network you are calling before dialing it means that as many as1 in 5 mobile calls are charged around 25p instead of the lower rate that had been advertised to you.

The most common network that companies pay the hidden higher rate for is 3 mobile due to them being the newest of the networks, but it is always wise to check the rates for all networks to make sure there is not an extortionate rate hiding somewhere.

UK Wholesale charge a flat rate of just 8 pence to call mobiles, so you always know what you are paying and don't have to worry about getting tied up on a long call without knowing if the call is going to cost a few pence or a few pounds.

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